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Beasiswa Master Scholarships in Computer Science at Aegis School Mumbai – Schiller International University, FloridaAmerika

30 Scholarships for study of Masters of Science in Computer Science at Aegis School Mumbai, India for 8 months and 4 months at Schiller International University, Florida

Aegis offers a one MS Computer Science / Masters Program in Information Systems (MPIS) program in association with Schiller International University US. Aegis was started in 2002 with the support of Bharti Tele (Airtel) for developing the next generation of international IT/ Telecommunication leaders.

There are 30 scholarships to be offered to high caliber individuals for MS computer science for academic sessions July 2007 to June 2008 and January 2008 to Dec 2009. To be eligible for Scholarship you need to have 3 years or 4 years of Undergraduate degree and final admission offer letter for MS computer Science at Aegis-Schiller.

Aegis-Schiller association offers you an option to study 8 months in Mumbai and one semester of 4 months, having 6 courses, at Schiller’s Florida (USA) campus leading to MS Computer Science or an MBA IT or degree from Schiller International University. There will be two months of internship with leading IT/ S/W companies leading to final employment.

Aegis has excellent placement record: An American student finished Dual Program was offered a whopping special package of INR 950,000 (9.5 lacs) by Ernst & Young India. Reliance Infocom offered a package of INR 850,000 (8.5 Lacs) at Aegis. Aegis alumni are employed with companies like Ernst & Young, AirTel (Bharti), Alcatel, VSNL, 3D Networks, Reliance Infocom, WIPRO Technologies, Infosys, Hexaware, HSBC etc.

Aegis School is currently recruiting candidates for MS Computer Science/ MPIS, Masters Program in Telecommunication Management ( MPTM) and MBA IT. Send your resume at and apply online or download the application at for fast processing and interview scheduling.

Ajeet Jha,
Aegis School of Telecommunication
Office of Admission Processing
Mahesh, Plot No.37, Sector 15,
CBD, Belapur,Navi Mumbai 400614, India
Phone: +91 022 32988871, (M) +91 (0) 9322525977 (M) +91 98209 70483


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Beasiswa Post.Doc.SEA-UEMA Project

Applications are invited for post-doctoral research fellowships under the Southeast Asia Urban Environmental Management Applications (SEA-UEMA) project.

This is a partnership project between the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Asian Institute of Technology. Its goal is to contribute to the improvements of urban environmental conditions in Southeast Asia. It seeks to attain improved implementation and sharing of sound urban environmental management policies and practices. The focus of the project is on three key urban environmental sub-sectors, water and sanitation, solid waste and air pollution, with gender equality and poverty reduction as the two crosscutting themes.

Fellowship Details
The post-doctoral fellowships are one year funded positions for applied research on UEM practices and policies. Fellows will be required to produce a publication at the conclusion of research activities.

Selected candidates will receive:
> A fellowship of 50,000 Baht per month towards living costs
> Research fund of up to 150,000 Baht on cost-reimbursable basis
> Round trip economy travel expenses
> Office space,equipments,access to internet and academic facilities in AIT
> Opportunity to be involved in teaching master students and be a member in their thesis committee

Selection Criteria
Candidates should be graduates with a doctoral degree. Research and work experience in UEM or a related field is required. The research proposed under the fellowship should focus on practices and policies related to any of the three sub-sectors: water and sanitation, solid waste and air pollution
The applicant must be from Canadian ODA eligible Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor-Leste, Thailand and Vietnam)
Research in collaboration with other organizations will be encouraged
Good and effective interpersonal, written and oral communication skills are required
Application Instructions

Qualified female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. An application must be accompanied with a complete curriculum vitae, reprints of publications and a research proposal clearly indicating objectives and research design. The proposal must also indicate the scope of integrating gender equality. Names of two referees with their contact information must be provided.

Application deadline for the fellowships is 15 July of each year. Selected candidates will be expected to start the fellowship program by 31 August in the same year. For further inquiries please contact:

Mr. Bimalendu Mohanty
Project Associate
Tel: 66-2-5246399

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Beasiswa Sembcorp Undergraduate


How do I apply for the Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship?

Simply apply for admissions at

Eligible candidates will be short listed to sit for a scholarship interview. No separate

scholarship application form is needed.

How do I get short listed for the Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship?

The selection of students for interview is based on the academic results of the

candidates. Leadership and participation in extra curricular activities will be

assessed during the interview.

Is my financial situation taken into consideration for the selection of

scholarship interview ?

Financial situation of applicants is not taken into consideration.

What is the minimum grade to be selected for interview?

We do not stipulate minimum grades required of the candidates. However, do

expect that our selection process is a rigorous one.

How many scholarships are given out annually?

We award about 20 scholarships a year. However, this number will vary from

year to year. NUS reserves the right not to award all the 20 scholarships if there

are insufficient good candidates.


When do I know if I have been short listed for interview?

Selected applicants will be notified via email in February / March .

What will I be tested for during the interview?

The purpose of the interview is to ascertain whether the candidates will adapt

well to Singapore’s education system. Other personal traits such as leadership,

interests, and achievement will also be assessed.

What should I bring for the interview?

Candidates invited to sit for the interview are to present the following documents

at the session :

1) a clear, recent photograph to be retained by the interviewer;

2) passport for verification of identity

3) a copy of actual Year 12/High School results to be retained by the interviewer

Will I be reimbursed for traveling to attend the interview?

Candidates are expected to bear their own travel expenses.


When am I expected to arrive at the University?

Be prepared to come to Singapore in mid – late July. All successful applicants

for admissions, including scholarship holders, will be given a copy of Freshmen

Guide which provides useful information on immigration, health check, and etc.

How should I arrange for my accommodation in NUS?

Scholars will have accommodation in NUS arranged for them. If they have

applied for accommodation in NUS prior to being offered the scholarship, they

should inform the University to avoid double-reservation.


Will my salary be deducted to pay for the scholarship?

Scholars offered to work at the sponsor company will receive salary based on

prevailing market rates. Scholars are expected to negotiate their terms and

conditions with the company during the employment interview.

Can I delay my bond fully or partially to pursue higher studies?

Scholars who have applied successfully for a Master’s degree programme in

NUS or the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) can apply to NUS Registrar

for the delay in the serving of the bond. Full time studies in an institution outside

Singapore prior to completion of the bond, is not permitted. Part time studies in

any institution while serving the bond is allowed.

What are my obligations if I wish to break my bond?

Scholars who break their bond voluntarily will be required to pay liquidated

damages outlined as follows: Total amount of scholarship funds disbursed to

scholar x 10% compound interest (compounded annually) x number of months

left to completion of bond. Scholars who have not completed serving their

Tuition Grant (TG) Bond will also be subjected to liquidated damages for the TG


What should I do if the sponsor does not offer me employment at the end

of my course?

Scholars who are not offered employment by the sponsor company after

graduation should seek employment with a Singapore registered company to

serve out their bond.

Will I be given priority for promotion as a scholar?

Promotion is subject to performance evaluation by the company the scholar is



How is my performance at the University evaluated?

Scholars are expected to achieve an average of “B” grade every semester.

Failing which, the scholar will be given one academic warning before having the

scholarship suspended. If the suspended scholar meets the renewal criteria of

“B” grade average the following semester, the scholarship will be renewed.

Otherwise, the scholarship will be terminated. Scholars who are assessed to be

performing poorly after 1 academic warning may also have their scholarships

terminated. Scholars who are not able to achieve the Cumulative Average Point

(CAP) of 1.5 will have their scholarships terminated immediately.


Who is eligible for the Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship?

The Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship is open to all Indonesian citizens who

are completing or completed the SMU UAN or equivalent High School

qualification in the year of admission.

What do I receive under this scholarship scheme?

Scholars will receive the following:

1) one economy class one way airfare from country of origin to Singapore to

begin their studies at NUS;

2) one economy class one way airfare from Singapore to country of origin upon

gainfully employed in a Singapore registered company, after graduation;

3) tuition fees portion (after the Tution Grant);

4) one-off S$200 settling-in allowance;

5) S$6,000 living allowance per annum; and

6) accommodation allowance pegged to the lowest on-campus double room


*note: Scholarship is tenable for a maximum of 6 semesters of

studies for scholars graduating without Honours degree; and a

maximum of 8 semesters of studies with Hounours degree.

Honours and a maximum of 8 semesters of

studies for graduating with Honours.


Can I participate in student exchange or other special programmes?

Scholars are allowed to participate in all programmes offered by the University.

However, the scholars will be responsible for additional tuition fees and personal

expenses if they need extra semesters of studies arising from their participation

in these programmes.

For further information visit :

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Beasiswa Lecturer di King Fahd University

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabaratuh

Sebagai universitas terbaik di kawasan middle east, KFUPM memberikan kesempatan besar bagi para mahasiswa dari manca negara untuk bergabung. Beberapa program yang ditawarkan yaitu:

Computer Engineering
M.S. Program in Computer Engineering
Information & Computer Science
M.S. Program in Computer Science
M.S. Program in Computer Networks (joint program of COE and ICS)
Ph.D. Program in Computer Science and Engineering (joint program of COE and ICS)
Systems Engineering
M.S. Program in Systems Engineering
Ph.D. Program in Systems Engineering

Chemical Engineering
M.S. Program in Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. Program in Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
M.S. Program in Civil Engineering
Ph.D. Program in Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
M.S. Program in Electrical Engineering
M.S. Program in Telecommunication Engineering
Ph.D. Program in Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
M.S. Program in Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. Program in Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
M.S. Program in Petroleum Engineering
Ph.D. Program in Petroleum Engineering

Architectural Engineering
M.S. Program in Architectural Engineering
Master of Engineering Program in Architectural Engineering
City & Regional Planning
Master Degree of City & Regional Planning
Construction Engineering & Management
M.S. Program in Construction Engineering & Management
Master of Engineering Program in Construction Engineering & Management

Master of Business Administration

M.S. Program in Chemistry
Ph.D. Program in Chemistry
Earth Sciences
M.S. Program in Geology
M.S. Program in Geophysics
Master of Geology Program (Professional)
Master of Geophysics Program (Professional)
Master Program in Environmental Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
M.S. Program in Mathematical Sciences
Ph.D. Program in Mathematical Sciences
M.S. Program in Physics
Master Program in Medical Physics

Syarat-syarat yang harus dipenuhi :
> telah lulus S1 (program 4 tahun) untuk S2 atau telah lulus S2 untuk S3
> IPK >= 3.00 (kecuali untuk MBA >= 2.50) untuk S2 atau >= 3.20 untuk S3
> Nilai GRE yang memadai (GRE subject mungkin juga diminta untuk beberapa program)
> International TOEFL 68 iBT/190 CBT/520 PBT untuk S2 79-80 iBT/213 CBT/550 PBT untuk S3
4.0 untuk komponen writing (atau TWE)
> Surat rekomendasi dari tiga dosen (format ada dalam formulir lamaran)

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dapat dilihat di

Posisi RA atau Lecturer-B yang didapatkan jika anda dinyatakan lulus termasuk bagian dari staf universitas dan memperoleh beberapa fasilitas, di antaranya:
> Tiket keberangkatan pertama dan kepulangan terakhir
> Bebas biaya studi dan buku teks
> Gaji bulanan (SR 1.000 untuk RA; SR 2.500 untuk Lecturer-B)
> Paid leave (cuti dengan tanggungan) selama 30 hari per tahun
> Tempat tinggal di asrama (satu kamar berdua)
> Lecturer-B dapat memperoleh tunjangan rumah SR 8.000 per tahun jika telah membawa  keluarga dan tinggal di luar kampus
> Layanan medis gratis di Medical Centre kampus dan subsidi 50% untuk obat-obatan
> Subsidi di student restaurant

RA/Lecturer- B juga dapat ikut serta dalam funded project dan memperoleh tambahan sekitar SR 500 per bulan. Untuk funded project yang berasal dari Research Institute KFUPM atau instansi di luar KFUPM bisa mencapai sekitar SR 1.000 per bulan. Sebagai bagian dari keikutsertaan dalam funded project, RA/Lecturer- B juga berkesempatan untuk publikasi di jurnal atau seminar baik regional atau pun internasional. Di antara institusi yang memiliki kerja sama penelitian dengan KFUPM adalah Saudi Aramco (perusahaan minyak terbesar dunia), SABIC (perusahaan publik terbesar di Arab Saudi), Saudi Telecom Company, dan King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology.

Wa’alaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Farid Fadhillah
Lecturer-B Chemical Engineering Dept.
KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

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Beasiswa Government of Mexico for Foreigner

Types of scholarships offered:

* Bachelor`s (*)
* Master`s
* Doctorate
* Specialty
* Medical Specialty
* Post-doctoral Visits
* Research Visits
* Artistic Visits
* Visiting Professors
* High-level Lecturers
* Spanish Language and Mexican Culture
(*) Only in the case of “special offers”.

Scholarships are offered in all areas of knowledge except for odontology, plastic surgery, marketing, accounting, advertising, business administration and related areas. In the field of medicine, scholarships are awarded only in the areas established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Ministry of Health Program.

More than 90 specialized Mexican institutions recognized for their high academic level and teaching quality.

These scholarships are open to foreigners who are not currently residing in Mexico and who meet the following requirements:
* Academic excellence
* Working experience in the area of study applied for
* Nominated by their government
* Have a working commitment in their country at the end of the scholarship

* Meet the requirements stipulated in the Call for SRE Scholarships for Foreigners.
* Have completed High School and hold a Bachelor`s, Master`s or Doctorate degree, depending on the type of studies they intend to pursue.
* Have the academic acceptance of the receiving Mexican institution where they are to study.
* Have a minimum GPA of 8, on a scale of 1 to 10 (or equivalent).
* Return to their country of origin upon conclusion of the scholarship.

* Enrollment and school fees.
* Monthly allowance:
o 4 minimum D.F. (Federal District-Mexico City) wages for a Bachelor`s, Master`s, non-medical Specialty or Master`s research.
o 5 D.F. minimum wages for a Doctorate, doctoral research, postdoctoral visits, and medical specialties or subspecialties.
* Full coverage medical insurance from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), effective as of the third month of the scholarship.
* At the beginning of the scholarship, transportation from Mexico City to the city of the academic institution where the recipient is to study, and transportation from there back to Mexico City upon termination of the scholarship.
* International air travel, but only in the cases indicated in this Call.
(*) Any expenses not stipulated in the foregoing shall be payable by the scholarship grantee, including: costs involving printing of the thesis; tutorials, graduation and degree-procurement processing fees; study incorporation and validation fees; costs of registration in the National Register of Foreigners; visa renewal fees.

The first allowance will be paid to scholarship grantees at the end of the month of their arrival and in accordance with the annual schedule they will receive from their local Mexican Embassy before traveling to Mexico. Consequently, it is essential that recipients bring enough funds for living expenses for at least the first 30 days.

The monthly-allowance payment day is stipulated in the annual schedule. In accordance with said schedule, all scholarship grantees accredited with institutions in the metropolitan area (Mexico City) must go to sign the corresponding payroll list at the offices of the Directorate for Academic Exchange. Scholarship grantees studying in the interior of the Republic must send – via fax or e-mail – confirmation of receipt of their allowance payment. For said purpose and at the moment of being documented, they will be given a simple form prepared by the Directorate for Academic Exchange.

Is divided into two stages:

* Preselection in the candidate`s country.
* Definitive selection by the related competent authorities in Mexico.

Scholarships for the year 2008 will be granted by the SRE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) through its General Directorate for Cultural Affairs and the grantees of said scholarships will be notified between November 15, 2007, and February 29, 2008. The results shall be delivered in writing at the corresponding Mexican Embassy.

Once candidates have received official written notification of the scholarship award, they must then proceed to process all the formalities stipulated before the corresponding Mexican Embassy or Consulate. Grantees must be documented as scholarship students with Immigration Form 3 (FM3 Subsection VII) – not as tourists. Scholarship grantees may not travel on diplomatic or official passports.

If international air travel forms part of the scholarship benefits, the airline ticket will be arranged by the General Subdirectorate for Program Planning and Control of the General Directorate for Cultural Affairs and sent to the grantee`s country. The Mexican Embassy will inform the grantee of the ticket details. In the event international air travel is not included in the scholarship benefits, grantees must travel to Mexico at their own expense.

Upon arrival in Mexico City, scholarship grantees must report in person to the offices of the General Directorate for Cultural Affairs located at: Plaza Juárez N°20, Piso 4 (Fourth Floor), Col. Centro, 06010, México, D.F. between 09:00 and 13:30 hours to arrange the necessary formalities for their registration as SRE scholarship grantees.

Upon completion of their studies, scholarship grantees must hand in to the Directorate for Academic Exchange of the General Directorate for Cultural Affairs a scanned copy of the cover sheet and an electronic version of their thesis – in the case of formal school studies and research students must hand in their final work. If applicable, they must also request the airline ticket to return to their native countries and must personally close out their account with the HSBC bank.

These can be found in the document entitled “Rules Applicable to Grantees of SRE Scholarships for Foreigners”, which grantees must sign at the moment of receiving the scholarship award and thereby promise to abide by the contents. Of the latter, the most important are to:
* Respect Mexican laws.
* Maintain a minimum grade point average of 8.5 in their studies.
* Provide the Directorate for Academic Exchange with periodic reports on their academic activities and/or research.
* Reside in Mexico for the duration of the scholarship.

Mexican Government scholarships are intended for nationals of other countries to benefit from the experience and knowledge acquired in our country. Nonetheless, they are also conceived as multiplying mechanisms insofar as scholarship grantees return to their native countries and pass on their experience. Hence, it is an essential requirement that grantees return to their homeland upon termination of their studies in Mexico.

There are three types of application forms: Application Form “A”, which is used for all postgraduate and multilateral programs; Application Form “B”, used exclusively for Special Programs, with the exception of Professional Practice programs and the program for Asia, Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East; and Application Form “C”, which is used for Bachelor`s studies.

Candidates` documentation must be presented in dossier form before the Mexican Embassy located in the candidates` country of origin or before the concurrent corresponding Embassy through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the local government Institution designated for said purpose (between February 15 and July 31, 2007). If candidates have not yet received academic acceptance at the time of submitting their dossiers, their candidature shall be received conditionally. Priority will be given to candidates whose dossiers are complete upon submission. Scholarship grantees may contact the persons responsible for their monitoring at the following telephone numbers and e-mail addresses:

Scholarship Grantees from South and Central America:
Tels. 5063 3000 exts. 5291 and 6320
E-mails: or or

Scholarship Grantees from the Caribbean:
Tel. 5063 3000 exts. 5294 and 6303
E-mails: or

Scholarship Grantees from Europe and North America:
Tel. 5063 3000 exts. 5278, 6302 and 6305
E-mails: or or

Scholarship Grantees from APAMO
Tel. 5063 3000 exts. 5103 and 6312
E-mails: or

Offices of the Directorate for Academic Exchange:
Plaza Juárez N°20, Piso 4 (Fourth Floor),
Col. Centro 06010, México, D.F.,
Tel: 9159 5274/75/76. Fax: 9159 5298
Internet webpage:

for more details about this program go to:

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Beasiswa Training IT

The Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) was launched in 1980 to promote and facilitate technical cooperation amongst developing countries based on the concept of self-reliance. The programme consolidates various forms of technical cooperation in areas where Malaysia has the experience and expertise. The Programme encourages the exchange of relevant experiences, pooling and sharing of resources and the development of complementary capabilities through:

  • Provision of scholarship and study awards for studies at various institutions in Malaysia;
  • Provision of training where participants are sponsored by third world countries/organizat ions;
  • Study visits and practical attachments;
  • Export of services and expertise in various fields

The MTCP implemented by The Centre for Foundation Studies and Extension Education (FOSEE), Multimedia University is based on the fact that the development of a country depends on the quality of its human resources. Such human resource quality can best be achieved through training. FOSEE under Multimedia University Melaka Campus is one of the many training institutions in Malaysia involved in this training.

Presently, the MTCP covers 136 developing countries (please refer the attached list or surf

The MTCP Programme at FOSEE in 2007 are:

  • Webpage Design and Dynamic Webpage Design Short Course (WDDW): Mar 10 – Mar 25, 2007.
  • Multimedia Enhanced Instructions System for Technical Education and Training (MEIST): May 12 – May 27, 2007
  • Managing e-University for Senior Officers (MeUNI) : July 7 – July 16, 2007
  • Networking Applications and Operations and Hardware Technology (NAOHT) : Aug 4 – Sept 3, 2007.
  • Instructional Design and Multimedia Content Development (IDMCD) : Dec 1 – Dec 16, 2007.

Terms and Conditions of Scholarship/ Fellowship awards under the Malaysian Technical Co-operation Programme (MTCP)

1. General Conditions of Award:

Participants never participate in any MTCP or being awarded scholarship/ awards under the programme. Participants shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner compatible with their responsibilities as MTCP scholarship holders and abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the land and FOSEE, MMU. This scholarship can not be held concurrently with any other scholarship award. For lectures, participants are required to dress in long-sleeved shirts with ties, tailored pant and blazer or uniform. For formal occasions – suit, national costume or batiks. Ladies should be appropriately dressed in office attire.

Participants shall follow the programme approved for them. Request for change of programme will not be entertained. Participants should participate in all activities related to the programme. Participants are not allowed to participate in any political and/or commercial activities in any capacity whatsoever. Participants shall not take up paid employment during the tenure of their scholarship or serve on the staff of their Official Representatives in Malaysia.

  • Participants are NOT allowed to bring along their spouses or families for the duration of the course. Participants will be required to return to their own countries upon completion of the course or at the end of the tenure of the scholarship whichever is earlier.
  • The award may be terminated at any time for the reasons of unsatisfactory conduct, breaches of the conditions of the award, or failure to make satisfactory progress.

2. Travel Documents and Vaccination:

Persons seeking to enter Malaysia must be in possession of valid passports or other internationally recognized travel documents endorsed for travel to Malaysia. Such passports or other travel documents must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the period of stay allowed in Malaysia. In the case of a national passport not recognized by Malaysia, the holder must be in possession of a document in lieu of a passport obtained at the nearest Malaysian Mission abroad.

Travelers from certain countries are required to produce the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate and other health certificates at the entry point in Malaysia.

3. Terms and Condition Covered by the MTCP for International Participants:

  • Fares
    A return air ticket on economy class is provided. This is from the capital city of the recipient country to Kuala Lumpur and back. Expenditures such as Visa and transit fees, excess baggage fees are borne by the recipients.
  • Maintenance Allowance
    Full board and accommodation
    Daily subsistence allowance will be given if food and accommodation are not made available, especially during attachment or study-tour, other similar arrangements will be made.
  • Tuition Fees
    Tuition fees will be borne by the Malaysian Government under the MTCP.
  • Medical Treatment
    Expenses for medical treatment in government hospitals/clinics will be borne by the Government of Malaysia if participants fell sick during the course. In case of admission of government hospitals will be eligible for First Class Wards (two bedded or more). Candidates must be certified medically fit to participate under this programme
  • Resource person
    Resource persons will be local experts and people in the fields to be selected from the FOSEE, MMU senior officials.
  • Methods of Payment
    The participants will receive allowance and other benefits as mentioned above from the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department, Malaysia through FOSEE, MMU.

4. Further Inquiries:

For further enquiries, either write directly to the nearest official representative (Embassies and Commissions) of the Government of Malaysia in their respective countries or to contact the Project Manager:

Mr. Ahmad Rizal Selamat,
Deputy Director FOSEE or
Tel/Fax: [606] 252-3671
Tel: (606) 3017 / 3560
Fax:[606] 231-8799 / 2523671

5. How To Apply:

Application must be made using the standard MTCP application forms (PDF) and also obtainable from Malaysian Embassies, High Commissions or Consulates in the respective countries. 3 copies of application forms, supported by a medical report, must be officially submitted through the applicant’s government to the Malaysian Government and must reach the organizer 2 months before the commencement of the course, unless specified otherwise; thus, a copy of the application should be mailed or fax/e-mail directly to:

The Deputy Director,
Center for Foundation Studies and Extension Education (FOSEE),
Multimedia University Melaka Campus
Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama, Bukit Bruang, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia.
e-mail: or
Tel: [606] 252-3671 / 3017 / 3560 Fax:[606] 231-8799 / 2523671

Only successful candidates who have been selected to attend the course will be notified officially. Decision by the Selection Committee is final and no appeal for consideration is allowed.

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Beasiswa Fakultas Dakwah Islamiyah Libya

Biro Rakyat Libya – Jakarta menyampaikan penghargaan yang setinggi-tingginya kepada Kementrian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia dan dengan hormat melampirkan persyaratan-persyaratan program Beasiswa di Libya Arab Jamahiriya bagi pelajar/mahasiswa Indonesia.

Biro Rakya Libya – Jakarta sekali lagi menyampaikan penghargaan yang setinggi-tingginya kepada Kementrian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia.




1. Ijazah SMA Umum, untuk melanjutkan studi ke Fakultas Ekonomi, Manajemen dan Keuangan atau Ijazah SMA Sastra atau yang setara untuk melanjutkan studi ke Fakultas Bahasa Arab, studi Islam dengan nilai (baik sekali)

2. Untuk calon mahasiswa tidak lebih dari berusia 27 tahun. 3. Paspor dengan masa berlaku paling kurang 3 tahun.

4. Memiliki kesehatan yang baik yang dibuktikan dengan surat keterangan dokter yang menyatakan bahwa yang bersangkutan bebas dari penyakit menular, AIDS dan TBC.

Dokumen-dokumen Yang Diperlukan Untuk Pendaftaran
1. Ijazah dan Daftar Nilai serta fotocopy terjemahannya yang dilegalisir di Konsul Libya di negara yang bersangkutan.
2. Surat Keterangan Sehat
3. Akta Kelahiran
4. Fotocopy passport
5 Pas Foto4x6=8 buah

Alamat kedutaan besar Libya di Jakarta
Embassy of Libya. Jl. Pekalongan No. 24. Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

Tel: (62-21) 335-308
Fax: (62-21) 335-726

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