Beasiswa Yayasan Goodwill

Goodwill is a registered Indonesian charity (Yayasan) which gives multi-year scholarships to 100+ of the brightest and most needy future leaders. Students are selected from Indonesia’s 2 top public universities, the Bogor Agricultural Institute and the University of Indonesia. Our mission is to provide financial assistance, training, care, resources and advice to young Indonesians and in doing so give them a chance to lead and serve their communities and their country.

Goodwill International helps students:

  • improve their life prospects,
  • empower themselves to fulfill their true potential,
  • get the best training and/or education possible,
  • maintain good health and nutrition,
  • establish personal and business values and ethics,
  • find a good and rewarding job or vocation

The scholarship program has now given some 300 or so disadvantaged, bright and motivated students the means to graduate from 2 of Indonesia’s leading public universities; the University of Indonesia (UI) or the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). About 250 of them have graduated with a degree.


The standard annual donation needed to sponsor one student is US$650 or 6,000,000 rupiah. Sponsors are asked to make payment to Goodwill during June and July, ready for Goodwill to start funding the student at the start of term time, orientation and training in August. $650 is enough to pay:

  • the University for a year of student tuition fees;
  • the Student a monthly allowance which must cover their books, materials, food, accommodation, use of computers, and transportation to classes;
  • the Yayasan for its cost of administering of the scheme and organizing the leadership training programme


Goodwill scholarship winners are chosen by virtue only of their need and merit; each student:

  • must be recommended by their University;
  • must have strong academic records;
  • must demonstrate leadership qualities & potential;
  • must have served their local community or worked to support themselves;
  • must need outside financial support if they are to complete their studies.

Leadership training; job hunting

It is the leadership training that makes a Goodwill scholarship different from others, and which past students all agree they found particularly valuable after leaving University . Our Training modules include public speaking, CV writing, job searching, interviewing, team building, leadership styles, business English, and participating in a business game. A number of the most highly motivated Goodwill students put the skills they learn to immediate use, winning University or even National Student competitions. A few are awarded rare one-off scholarships for short study tours to Singapore, Australia & the USA. Over 300 scholarship students have now graduated from their University. Most have found jobs, in itself a considerable achievement given local economic conditions.


Sponsorship of one student for one year costs USD650 or 6,000,000 rph

Yayasan’s registration and contact data

Yayasan Goodwill International is registered as a charity under Notarial Deed #42 dated 12th March 2004 approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights No. C.03161HT.01.01TH2004. Goodwill holds accounts at HSBC and BNI. Main email address: Administrator; Back up e mail address: igoodwill (Office Tel): (+62) 21 – or 021 739-4415; Administrator’s (Hand Phone Tel): (+62) 81 – or 081 119-4737. Office address: Jalan Cikatomas I #27A, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12180, INDONESIA

For more information on how you can help, contact us at:

Jalan Cikatomas I No. 27A
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12180
Tel. (+62) 21 – or 021 739 – 4415
Hp (+62) 81 – or 081 119-4737

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