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How do I apply for the Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship?

Simply apply for admissions at

Eligible candidates will be short listed to sit for a scholarship interview. No separate

scholarship application form is needed.

How do I get short listed for the Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship?

The selection of students for interview is based on the academic results of the

candidates. Leadership and participation in extra curricular activities will be

assessed during the interview.

Is my financial situation taken into consideration for the selection of

scholarship interview ?

Financial situation of applicants is not taken into consideration.

What is the minimum grade to be selected for interview?

We do not stipulate minimum grades required of the candidates. However, do

expect that our selection process is a rigorous one.

How many scholarships are given out annually?

We award about 20 scholarships a year. However, this number will vary from

year to year. NUS reserves the right not to award all the 20 scholarships if there

are insufficient good candidates.


When do I know if I have been short listed for interview?

Selected applicants will be notified via email in February / March .

What will I be tested for during the interview?

The purpose of the interview is to ascertain whether the candidates will adapt

well to Singapore’s education system. Other personal traits such as leadership,

interests, and achievement will also be assessed.

What should I bring for the interview?

Candidates invited to sit for the interview are to present the following documents

at the session :

1) a clear, recent photograph to be retained by the interviewer;

2) passport for verification of identity

3) a copy of actual Year 12/High School results to be retained by the interviewer

Will I be reimbursed for traveling to attend the interview?

Candidates are expected to bear their own travel expenses.


When am I expected to arrive at the University?

Be prepared to come to Singapore in mid – late July. All successful applicants

for admissions, including scholarship holders, will be given a copy of Freshmen

Guide which provides useful information on immigration, health check, and etc.

How should I arrange for my accommodation in NUS?

Scholars will have accommodation in NUS arranged for them. If they have

applied for accommodation in NUS prior to being offered the scholarship, they

should inform the University to avoid double-reservation.


Will my salary be deducted to pay for the scholarship?

Scholars offered to work at the sponsor company will receive salary based on

prevailing market rates. Scholars are expected to negotiate their terms and

conditions with the company during the employment interview.

Can I delay my bond fully or partially to pursue higher studies?

Scholars who have applied successfully for a Master’s degree programme in

NUS or the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) can apply to NUS Registrar

for the delay in the serving of the bond. Full time studies in an institution outside

Singapore prior to completion of the bond, is not permitted. Part time studies in

any institution while serving the bond is allowed.

What are my obligations if I wish to break my bond?

Scholars who break their bond voluntarily will be required to pay liquidated

damages outlined as follows: Total amount of scholarship funds disbursed to

scholar x 10% compound interest (compounded annually) x number of months

left to completion of bond. Scholars who have not completed serving their

Tuition Grant (TG) Bond will also be subjected to liquidated damages for the TG


What should I do if the sponsor does not offer me employment at the end

of my course?

Scholars who are not offered employment by the sponsor company after

graduation should seek employment with a Singapore registered company to

serve out their bond.

Will I be given priority for promotion as a scholar?

Promotion is subject to performance evaluation by the company the scholar is



How is my performance at the University evaluated?

Scholars are expected to achieve an average of “B” grade every semester.

Failing which, the scholar will be given one academic warning before having the

scholarship suspended. If the suspended scholar meets the renewal criteria of

“B” grade average the following semester, the scholarship will be renewed.

Otherwise, the scholarship will be terminated. Scholars who are assessed to be

performing poorly after 1 academic warning may also have their scholarships

terminated. Scholars who are not able to achieve the Cumulative Average Point

(CAP) of 1.5 will have their scholarships terminated immediately.


Who is eligible for the Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship?

The Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship is open to all Indonesian citizens who

are completing or completed the SMU UAN or equivalent High School

qualification in the year of admission.

What do I receive under this scholarship scheme?

Scholars will receive the following:

1) one economy class one way airfare from country of origin to Singapore to

begin their studies at NUS;

2) one economy class one way airfare from Singapore to country of origin upon

gainfully employed in a Singapore registered company, after graduation;

3) tuition fees portion (after the Tution Grant);

4) one-off S$200 settling-in allowance;

5) S$6,000 living allowance per annum; and

6) accommodation allowance pegged to the lowest on-campus double room


*note: Scholarship is tenable for a maximum of 6 semesters of

studies for scholars graduating without Honours degree; and a

maximum of 8 semesters of studies with Hounours degree.

Honours and a maximum of 8 semesters of

studies for graduating with Honours.


Can I participate in student exchange or other special programmes?

Scholars are allowed to participate in all programmes offered by the University.

However, the scholars will be responsible for additional tuition fees and personal

expenses if they need extra semesters of studies arising from their participation

in these programmes.

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