Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening scholarships are offered in over 150 countries and enable talented graduates and young professionals to become familiar with the UK and gain skills which will benefit their own countries.
There are three types of scholarships offered under the Chevening scheme:
1. TYPE A (Fees only): awards cover in whole, or in part, tuition or course fees only. No maintenance or other allowances are provided.
2. TYPE B (Full cost): awards include fees. Stipend and other allowances & may also include airfares (economy class) to and from the UK at beginning an end of the awards.
3. TYPE C (Part Cost): awards usually include full or part fees (except where fees are specifically waived by institution) and may include part stipend, airfares and other allowances are normally paid.

Support for scholars
Pre-departure English Course
English language training is included as part of the scholarship and candidates from outside Jakarta are supported during the period of the course. The language training is a full-time study and will be held in Jakarta. The candidate will need to obtain release from her/his employment for the duration of the course.

UK University Placement
Chevening is a self-placement programme. Students who are selected are responsible for making their own approaches to the UK university. We provide the facility in identifying the most suitable university and course if students wish to receive help or advice.

Students are required to apply to 3 universities in the UK.

Successful candidates will be invited to attend a briefing. The briefing will cover:

> Terms and condition of the awards
> Introduction to Education UK
> How to make an application and choose a suitable course

Prior to their departure, scholars will be invited to attend a pre-departure briefing. The briefing will cover:
> Customs and immigration procedures
> Studying and living in the UK
> Finding accommodation
> Information concerning travel
> Payment
> Opening Bank Account
> Welfare

Scholars also will be invited to an individual briefing/meeting with a Chevening officer. They will have the chance to discuss any issues concerning their scholarship and life overseas.

How to apply
Find out more about how to apply at the requirement page.

The British Chevening Awards General Information & Requirements

> A prestigious programme funded by the British Government (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and administered by the British Council.

> Over 1000 scholarships awarded in Indonesia since 1984.
> This year up to 35 full scholarships are offered for one year Master degrees.
> Courses at various universities and professional institutions in the UK including courses in media, finance, economics, politics, law, management, engineering, gender, environment, democracy etc.
> A very competitive scheme. Only the best applicants are invited for further test and interview.

Who can apply?

> Indonesian Citizen.
> Age between 25 – 40 years old.
> Excellent first degree with minimum GPA 3.0.
> Adequate level of spoken and written English language.
> Minimum of 2 years full time working experience after graduation from S1.
> Excellent career prospects.
> Commitment to career development, and ability to demonstrate motivation.
> Field of study should be relevant to educational background or current profession.
> We regret that we are unable to receive applications for MBAs.
> Previous recipients of a Chevening scholarship for Masters degrees are not eligible to reapply.
> Must be able to demonstrate future leadership potential and the capacity to play an important role in Indonesia’s development.
> Ability and potential to contribute to future bilateral relations between Indonesia and Britain.
> We strongly encourage candidates from Eastern Indonesia to apply and the subject areas are Media, International Relations, Environmental Policy, Local Governmental Administration, Democracy and Pluralism.

When to apply?

The application period for 2006 was from 1 September – 30 September 2006.
The next scheme will be advertised in the national and regional press.

The Selection process
> Initial selection is based on the quality of the written application. You do not need to attach any documents with the application form.
> Successful applicants will be notified and invited for an English test/interview.
> The English test and interviews will be held in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar.
> The results of the interviews will be announced by letter.
> Candidates achieving an IELTS score of at least 6.5, and who are accepted by a UK university for an appropriate subject (approved by the Embassy) will be awarded a full scholarship.
> English language training is included as part of the scholarship. Candidates from outside Jakarta are supported during the period of the course.
> Whilst undergoing English language training in Jakarta, candidates are briefed by British Embassy and British Council staff and are given guidance on course selection and applications procedures.
> The academic year in the UK commences in September/October. After completing the English courses (around April) candidates are normally advised to return to their employment. The British Council then keeps in touch with candidates about their departure arrangements. Further briefing on the departure arrangements is provided one month prior to departure.
> The final number of scholarships granted is determined by the British Embassy.

What is the Chevening Scholarship?
Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious programme for professionals funded by the British Government ( Foreign and Commonwealth Office ) and administered by the British Council. Since 1984 we offered one (1) year master degrees and short courses at various universities and professional institutions in the UK including courses in media, finance, economics, politics, law, management, engineering, gender, environment, and democracy. In 1994, the scholarship programme was formally named the Chevening Scholarship, and 1000 alumnis have graduated from this programme up to the present.

What does the ‘CHEVENING’ mean?
Chevening is the name of the British Foreign Secretary’s official country residence, Chevening House. In 1994 Douglas Hurd, the then Foreign Secretary, renamed the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s scholarship and award scheme the Chevening Scholarship Programme, after Chevening House.

When to apply for a Chevening Scholarship?
The call for applications is advertised in the national and regional press.

What do Chevening scholarships cover financially?
Chevening scholarships in Indonesia are full scholarships that cover:
Pre-departure English Training
English testing (IELTS)
Visa cost
Return Economy Airfare
Tuition fee
Thesis Allowances
Arrival & Departure Allowances
Living allowance to cover subsistence and accommodation
What is the IELTS and how do I apply to take one?
IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. Candidates who are shorlisted for an award will be invited to attend the test after completing their Pre-departure English Training.

What types of course can a Chevening Scholarship cover?

The study is for Master’s degrees, majoring in Media, International Relations, Environmental Policy, Local Government Administration, Democracy and Pluralism.

Do I need to attach any documents (Certificate, English Qualification certificate, etc) with the application form?
No, you do not need to attach any documents with the application form.

How soon will we know about our application?
All applicants who passed the screening session will receive a confirmation letter from us.

Can I study outside the United Kingdom?
No. Chevening scholarships are only awarded for study in the UK. Short visits outside the UK may sometimes be included within the courses.

What types of course can I study on a Chevening scholarship?
Chevening scholars must study in the UK for at least 3 months. The majority study for Master’s degrees.
The Chevening programme in Indonesia awards scholarships across all sectors.

Can I bring my family to the United Kingdom during my scholarship?
Scholars are strongly advised not to bring any family members to the UK during the period of study. The courses are very intense and it is important that scholars are able to give full attention to their study.
Chevening is designed for individuals only and there are no additional allowances for spouses, partners, children or other dependents.

Can I apply for doctoral programme?
NO. Priority is given to candidates who wish to undertake full-time studies or research at any UK university/institution for a period ranging between three (3) months and a year.

What is considered ‘two years working experience’?
The programme only considers applicants who have a minimum of two years working experience in a relevant discipline after graduation from university.

What is considered a ‘first degree’?
S1 or D-IV.

How can I find out about university degree in the United Kingdom?
Please visit these websites: (postgraduate courses) (postgraduate courses)

Up to £10,000.

Where can we obtain additional information regarding the Chevening Scholarship?
Please always refer to this website for information.

Who is the contact person for Chevening information?
Rowena Rompas (Social Development Team)

British Council
T : +62 (0)21 515 5561
F : +62 (0)21 515 5562
E :


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